Liisa Gude Deberitz - Contemporary Artist

Triptych - Selvportrett. 3 malerier i akryl på kryssfinerplate, 130 x 100 cm.
Triptych, © Liisa Gude Deberitz

Liisa Gude Deberitz was born in Sandefjord, Norway. She prefers to paint people, usually using acrylics on canvas or boards, and often creates variations over the same subject as diptychs and triptychs. She often use intense coluors, and naturalistic details in contrast with highly stylized motifs. Today she lives in Oslo, Norway with her husband Paul and works in her atelier in Vollen in Akershus.

The Norwegian artist is also recognized internationally for her jewellery designs, of which a selection can be seen on the website

Gude Deberitz Art
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